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RESA Resource Ready Program

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RESA Australia is proud to have been selected by METS Ignited, an Industry Growth Centre funded by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, on behalf of the Commonwealth Government, to deliver Resources Ready 2018.

Coming to the Pilbara with delivery in Karratha

Resources Ready is an innovative new business capability development program from RESA.  Delivered across Australia to six regional industrial centres over six months, Resources Ready supports companies in, or seeking to enter the Mining and Energy sectors to build their business capability and improve their resources market performance.

The program is designed to provide participants with a range of support during the course; it is based upon learning and skills development methodology similar to that used in MBA and higher degree programs. In session content is recorded and available 24/7 through the RESA portal, along with additional supporting material and information.

The program is intended for senior leaders and decision makers within companies, and people in growth and strategic focused roles.

The Pilbara Resources Ready program consists of six full day sessions, each geared around a primary theme:

  • Session 1 - 08/08/18: Introduction and Readiness
  • Session 2 - 29/08/18: Assessing your Business
  • Session 3 - 19/09/18: Building your Business Development Strategy
  • Session 4 - 10/10/18: Order Taker to Solution Maker
  • Session 5 - 31/10/18: Selling to the Resources Industry
  • Session 6 - 21/11/18: New Markets

Each session combines in classroom workshop activities with local Facilitator KDCCI CEO Kylah Morrison, and streamed online presentations delivered to al lnodes.

Price: Industry contribtuion of $ 3,250 (+gst) per company.

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For boookings email:  or  Phone:  9144 14999