2018 Business Excellence Awards - Submissions Open!

Sent on: Wednesday, 29 August 2018 at 9:04:35 AM


The annual KDCCI Business Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements, innovation and enterprising spirit of small to medium sized businesses across the City of Karratha.

KDCCI Members & Non Members can apply!

The awards honour organisations that demonstrate a commitment to the core values of business excellence, through outstanding service and contributions to the local economy and community.

It is a unique opportunity for local businesses to have their hard work, commitment and of course, successes, recognised.           

Importantly, the awards foster pride and inspire confidence in the local business community while encouraging economic development and diversification across the City of Karratha.

Through extensive promotion and publicity, award participants will benefit from an expanded public profile which rewards staff, generates new business and increases networking opportunities.

How do you submit an Application in 2018?

The process has changed this year, with all applications to be submitted online via Survey Monkey.

Here's a brief description of what you need to do:

  • CLICK HERE for Award Submission Links & Guidelines

  • Create a Word document with the questions and your answers.

  • Save the Word document, and ensure you review a few times before submitting and check your word count, formatting etc.

  • Have someone else review your submission prior to submitting and ask for honest feedback.  Allow plenty of time for editing to include their suggestions.

  • If you need any assistance contact The Business Centre Pilbara on 9144 4668 or RSM Business Local on 1800 249 562.   They can also look at your current business and marketing plans.  If you don't have plans this is a perfect opportunity to create them.

  • The KDCCI will be running workshops on how to prepare your submission for the Business Excellence Awards. Please call 9144 1999 or email membership@kdcci.asn.au for more info.

  • When your ready to submit your application, click on the following links or access via the KDCCI Website  www.kdcci.asn.au  - Business Excellence Awards.

  • Click on the category that you are nominating for.  You can apply for maximum 2 categories.

  • Copy and paste your answers from the Word document into the application form.

  • Submit the application.

  • You will receive a confirmation email to adivse the application has been received by the KDCCI staff.

  • Good luck with your application!

  • Ticket sales for the Gala Awards Evening Saturday 27th October will go on sale soon.  Watch this space for further information.